25 Things to Know About People With Fibromyalgia

25 Things to Know About People With Fibromyalgia

In honor of National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day May 12 I thought for aspects of the disease that could be communicated. What people do not already know? The reality of fibromyalgia is not just that people tend to not know how to have much less, but there are many who do not believe the condition is true.

I will be my subject of the opinion of Fibromyalgia and the National Association of Chronic Pain, include “your voice matters”. I use this platform to some opinions that are rarely spoken, but must be said to express.

“It is a forgery, it is invisible, it is a B. S. Excuse yourself to be lazy.”

Imagine your body is on fire. Imagine if every time you step in, you feel the ground underneath is full of Lego. Legos, people! Imagine that the simple act of walking from your car to your office causes exhaustion, you could sleep for a day. Sounds terrible, does not it?

Now add that there is no way to “try” what you feel is real can be. Imagine that every test is negative (and you have taken hundreds of tests). Imagine, in the midst of fatigue, chronic pain and hypersensitivity, when you try to convince them to leave, you will find out how they are “above fibro” and how much they complain about their pain. Imagine hearing all your suffering is something that was invented in the head.

If you know someone with fibro learn and understand better, here are 25 things that people without fibromyalgia need to know people with fibromyalgia. Are you a fibro warrior? Share distribute this publication to create awareness and understanding.

1. Give gentle hugs please, my skin hurts.

2. I can sleep all day and I always feel like I ran into a marathon.

3. If I’m tired, let me sleep.

4. If I cancel my plans with you, do not get angry. I feel bad already.

5. When I went last night, I have a day to recover. It’s good, it was worth it.

6. If I am in a spark, leave me alone in a dark room (but register). It gives me a good feeling.

7. Every morning is a difficult morning.

8. Your fibro friend who has “no pain” does not make me feel better.

9. “You have to practice.” My working day is my year.

10. Some foods make me cracks; For example, peppers of all kinds, sugar and caffeine.

11. Yes, power mode, but deactivates all Paris in the power mode.

12. Because of fibro, I spend more time with my husband.

13. Bright lights, overload of loud noises and smells my senses and makes me nauseous.

14. My day, week and month are carefully planned to satisfy my fibro.

15. Yes, my face is swollen. No, I did not at night gained five pounds (which I am presenting!).

16. I have three sizes of clothes in my closet to accommodate the brand-new, most enlightening days.

17. I play hide and seek with the elements: too humid too much too cold sun, too much heat.

18. Because the unit can have rides. For me it’s a painful hike in the mountains.

19. Go to the doctor who drives me crazy. It is a reminder of my condition.

20. Some days it is good to let my fibro win. It reminds me that it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

21. I may be wrong. You would if you had pain all the time. If you wish, be patient with me.

22. Can your mood come up as soon as you walk into the room because I feel fibro / tingling tell you how to spidey.

23. No day without pain, but my days of pain are my lucky day.

24. Because of fibro, the downtime required for giving me the opportunity to write this blog, and I am grateful.

25. Because of fibro, they became part of a strong and supportive community, which reminds me that I’m never alone.

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