Depression “An Allergic Reaction To Inflammation”

Depression “An Allergic Reaction To Inflammation”

New research shows that many cases of depression are caused by an allergic reaction to inflammation. Tim wrote the song NOVA “Inflammation is the natural response of our immune system, infections in wounds or foreign connections. When activated, the different cells of the body and are pumped proteins into the site through the bloodstream, there are including cytokines, “The inflammation is caused by obesity, a high-sugar diet, high amounts of trans fats, bad eating habits in general, and poor dietary habits. Other factors.

By treating the inflammatory symptoms of depression – instead of the neurological – it became open to researchers and doctors a new exciting dimension in the fight against what is a global epidemic. Caroline Williams of The Guardian wrote: “The good news is that few clinical trials have shown so far to increase anti-inflammatory drugs not only symptoms with antidepressants, but also increases the number of response to treatment however, more are needed There is also evidence that the omega 3 and cur-cumin extract of Sensurround similar effects are both available on the counter and it might be worth it, but as a complement to a prescribed treatment – certainly not enough evidence to use as A substitute “.

Eleanor Morgan or Vice adds: “Cytokines move during depressive episodes and, in those with bipolar disorder referral stop disorder, that” healthy people “may be temporarily anxious or depressed after receiving a vaccine for sparks – such as typhoid fever – is lent more to the theory, there are even those who think that depression as an infectious disease should be taken into account again … Carmine ante ante, a psychologist at Kings College, quoted in The Guardian report says That we are between five and ten years away from a blood test to measure the levels of inflammation in depressed people.If both the estimated initial bet and the spark depression theory is correct, we could have five years of a “cure “Appropriate for depression”.

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