All we eat and drink provide adequate nutrients
Think about how your body uses the foods it consumes
Study relationship between food and drink and health and disease
The process by which the human body uses food for energy production, maintenance of health, growth and normal functioning of the body.

“The study of the use of food by the body”
The study of diet in relation to the physiology of the body


All (solid / liquid), which has a chemical composition, thifs allows, when ingested, to perform one or more of the following:
Provide the body with a material that can provide heat or any form of energy
Food dish contains CHO, fats and proteins
Provide materials to support growth, maintenance, repair or reproduction.
Provide substances that normally regulate energy production or the process of growth, repair or reproduction.


A nutrient is a chemical in the food keeps the body. Some give energy.
All help to build cells and tissues, regulating body processes such as breathing.
No food provides all the nutrients the body needs to function.
Nutrient assessments
The body has a sufficient amount of specific nutrients in six categories.
Macro nutrients (energy nutrients)
Carbohydrates (sugars, starch and cellulose)
Protein (10 essential and non-essential amino acids)
Fats (liquid-solid or saturated Conversation) (providing calories – a unit of measure of energy in the food)
Water (Live his life to drink at least 8 glasses a day)
Micro nutrients (energy nutrients N)
Vitamins (soluble in water and soluble in fats)
Minerals (major minerals or oligo)