Psycho Support

Psycho social approach

The psycho-social approach focuses on individuals under the combined influence of psychological factors and the social environment on their physical and mental well-being and ability to function. This approach is used in a wide variety of care professions in healthcare and social care as well as medical and social scientists.

Psycho social adaptation and support

Psycho social adaptation is a known process for reaching a person experiencing with a view to a good physical condition in the congruence person-environment in the name of adjustment, a state of wisdom-centered activities and psycho social balance. Psycho social support is to offer psychological and social resources to a person by a support to take advantage of the recipient’s ability to cope with problems. The allocrimaire principle is that social relationships promote individual health and well-being to victims of terminal illnesses, disasters, wars or violence to help promote the resilience of the community and individuals. The objective is to facilitate the resumption of normal life, to promote the participation of stakeholders in their recovery and to prevent the pathological consequences of potentially traumatic situations. This can be extended in the form of informational and instrumental support.