DEA ‘Chief Propagandist’ Says Agency Knows Pot is Safe, Keeps it Illegal for Profit

Startling comments have recently been made when it comes to the DEA and cannabis. Belita Nelson has given the world some valuable information.

Belita Nelson is a former ‘chief propagandist’ for the DEA Drug Enforcement Agency. She is a cannabis advocate now and during the Marijuana for medical Professionals Conference in Denver, Colorado had some mind blowing things to say. Of course, we all suspected this but hearing it for ourselves feels like a slap in the face.

Nelson says:

“Marijuana is safe, we know it is safe. It’s our cash cow and we will never give it up.”

Nelson represented the DEA in the international media over a period of about six years. During this time she did regular appearances on talk shows and things of the sort. During this, she spoke mostly about the dangers of cannabis. Now, however, she is a cannabis advocate and is even the founder of The Gridiron Cannabis Foundation. 

The turning point for Nelson who knew cannabis was no harm to us from the beginning was when she was investigation a heroin epidemic and discovered some addicts that had been working to rid themselves of their opioid addictions by using cannabis. She resigned in 2004 and of course went out with what we would call a bang.

She says:

“[When they hired me] they forgot to get me to sign a confidentiality agreement—and boy did I know the dirt. They called me in and said ‘name your price, $10,000 a month? $20,000? What do you want Belita?’”

She said she left the office screaming, “You know this is safe and you are keeping it from people who are sick! I am not taking your money and you better worry about what I am going to say!”

Nelson was able to turn her knowledge and passion into something quite amazing. She moved to Colorado and in 2014 set up a holistic clinic in order to use cannabis to help treat people with CTE and other brain injuries. Big Pharma is aware that this plant helps people and they cannot deal with that. They want to benefit from our sicknesses and will do whatever is necessary to rid themselves of any possible profit losses. The corruption and lies need to stop, legalization is the only solution to this issue.


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