Solve Your Hyperpigmentation Problems with These Natural Cures

Solve Your Hyperpigmentation Problems with These Natural Cures

When you have hyperpigmentation, your skin has an uneven color and you will find dark patches all over your face, neck, arms, hands, and legs. Too much melanin is said to be the cause of this skin problem. Excessive melanin is often a result of hormonal changes, such as during pregnancy. But there are also external factors that can contribute to hyperpigmentation, including too much sun exposure, burning, and even stress.

Hyperpigmentation can cause someone to be self-conscious and while there are treatments to solve the problem, there are home remedies that are absolutely cheap to reduce the pigmentation, especially on the face:

1. Lemon

The natural bleaching agent of this citrus fruit can help those with hyperpigmentation. Simply take the juice from one lemon and put in a cotton ball, which you will rub all over your skin. Wash with water after leaving the juice on the skin for 10 to 15 minutes. Do this twice every day for two to three months.

2. Raw Potato

This remedy is effective for people with hyperpigmentation, as well as those with age spots and blemishes. Because of its enzyme called catecholase, potatoes can lighten skin tone. Get a thick slice of potato and add a few drops of water before rubbing onto your skin for at least five minutes. Remove with lukewarm water. This is a safe remedy that you can do three to four times every day for a month or two.

Your skin has an uneven color when you have hyperpigmentation / PicHelp

3. Turmeric

This healthy spice also has bleaching agent, which is why it is even used to whiten teeth. It is very useful for hyperpigmentation and can even keep the skin free from infection. To use, simply mix turmeric powder and juice from a lemon. Apply on the skin and let it stay there for 20 minutes before rinsing with cold water. Make sure you don’t go out for at least an hour after the treatment. This treatment can give you good results if you do this every day before you shower.

4. Aloe Vera

The mucilaginous polysaccharides found in the aloe vera gel can help remove dead skin cells, while promoting growth of new skin cells. This is why this plant is an effective treatment for hyper-pigmented skin. Before you go to bed, take some gel from the plant and leave it on your face or the affected area overnight. Wash it in the morning for at least two weeks every day.

You don’t have to use expensive over-the-counter treatments for hyperpigmentation. Although home remedies for this skin problem can take longer to take effect, they are free from side effects and are generally safe for everyone.

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